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Why we rock

Learn about our smooth wax practices…


We don't use just any wax. We have spent years testing different types of waxes and waxing techniques. Don't be fooled by those who say that strip wax OR hard wax is better. Our proven technique uses a specific combination of both waxes so you don't have to choose. You can get the best of both wax worlds. We are dedicated to using the latest and greatest wax out there by continually attending trade shows and enhancing our education.


Our military style practices raise the bar on standards in health and hygiene for waxing. We set the bar pretty high when we opened up in 2016 as one of the first wax-only establishments. No double dipping, strict sanitation protocols, contraindication checks, gloves, hygiene wipes, hospital grade sanitation – no detail has been overlooked. We want to make sure every wax is the most safe and hygienic.


We want you to feel comfortable and informed. Our procedures and processes, client care and consultation and customization of your waxing and aftercare are all part of the Smooth Wax experience. This is all made possible by amazing waxperts who love what they do and allow their passion for waxing show in all daily interactions. Our staff has a professional bedside manner, but knows how to help you relax and even have a laugh during your waxing services. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable or awkward silence.


Our Team

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VALERIE GITTINGS | Owner & esthetician

Since graduating from Von Lee International School of esthetics in 2006 Valerie has been practicing medical skin care and has been a member of the Society of Plastic Surgery Skincare Specialists, a Member of Associated Skincare Professionals, and the Society of Clinical and Medical Laser Hair Removal. Hands-on treatment and continuing education in her field has allowed her to develop specific treatment techniques for all skin types.

After she left the medical field, she decided to explore esthetics in a spa and fell in love with waxing. "it's what I love and as it turns out, I'm really good at it." So, in order to provide the best service possible, Valerie decided to focus exclusively on waxing and has been doing so for the past 5 years.

"I found that I loved making my clients fall in love with themselves and their bodies. We are all truly beautiful in our own unique way, and oddly enough, many of us feel a lot better about ourselves when we remove that fuzziness. LOL! I also enjoy the one on one time I get to spend with my clients creating a safe environment to share all of our life's stories.

There is nothing more amazing than waxing my clients for a first date, then for a wedding, and then before the birth of their first child. It's really an amazing experience to walk through life with my clients and friends, one wax at a time"

As a professional, Valerie stays educated on the latest products and techniques by attending at least 3-4 trade shows a year. When she’s not in the helping people look their best, Val likes to enjoy a nice dinner with good friends, travel, watching a good movie, and cuddles with her dog Dolly.

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DIANE YOUNGER | Esthetician

Since her teenage years, Diane has had a passion for skin care and healthy lifestyles.  Her commitment to practicing good grooming, healthy eating habits and maintaining her skin care routine led her to becoming an esthetician.

Her mission is to provide her clients with exceptional skin care services that employ her gentle and thorough waxing technique.  She is known for calmly guiding her clients through their first waxing experience in a comfortable, friendly environment.  She enjoys conversing and shares her extensive knowledge about waxing to help put her clients at ease.

Diane especially enjoys waxing brows and is talented at leading her clients to discover the perfect shape brow for their face, and perhaps even trying a tint to enhance their natural beauty.

She strives to be adaptable and sensitive to all of her clients needs leaving them feeling revered and renewed!

For Diane, family comes first and the importantance of family shines through in all aspects of her life. She thrives with the close knit Smooth family and builds solid, nurturing relationships with her clients.

She is graduate of The Steiner Institute of Esthetics who keeps up with the latest product lines and industry publications.


sara clement | esthetician

Sara joins Smooth Wax Bar after receiving her esthetician’s license from Von Lee International School of esthetics in 2018. She enjoys waxing because it lets her meet all kinds of interesting people—people she can help feel good about themselves in an environment that often seems intimidating. Sara appreciates the vibe at Smooth Wax Bar because not only is it a safe and non-judgmental space, but it has a singular focus: creating the best wax experience.

A Baltimore native, Sara worked in restaurant management before joining Smooth. While Sara still has an affinity for the service industry, she likes the one-on-one relationships she is able to build with her clients. Though relatively new to the esthetician industry, Sara already has loyal customers. 

Sara’s diverse background helps her relate to clientele from all walks of life. Chances are, Sara knows a friend of a friend or some unique and interesting detail about goings on in Baltimore. Sara is able to pull from her own experiences to engage with all of her clients to make them feel comfortable.   

Smooth Wax Bar is dedicated to waxing. Where some estheticians do 1-2 Brazilian waxes per week, Sara often does 8-9 Brazilians a day. This means she has a very specific skill set that is regularly being tested. Sara’s work requires attention to detail and technique to consistently create the most comfortable customer experience. 

In addition to holding regular hours at Smooth, Sara actively continues to hone her craft. She attends industry lectures and trade shows. She also has monthly subscriptions to esthetics publications. She looks forward to her future at Smooth.

When she’s not waxing, Sara enjoys cycling, music, and falling asleep next to her snoring dog, Maggie.