Valerie is a magic hair removal genie.

I have been waxed at several places- this was definitely my best experience.
20 minutes for underarms and a brazilian- and almost painless? Yes, please.

Not the cheapest wax I’ve gotten, but when someone’s dealing with your nether regions skimping on the price should NOT be a priority. You will not regret a visit here!
— Amanda B.
I got a waxed treatment from Valerie. She was extremely sweet and nice. They were professional and one of the few places that offers male waxing services.
But be prepared to wait. Depending on what services you want, you might have to make reservations a week in advanced.
— Ali A.
I was nervous to get a brazilian. I booked an appointment with Val and so glad I did she was really sweet and made me feel comfortable. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I booked my next appointment before I left there.
— Kate T.
Wow is how I will start this review, but wow in the best sense of the word!
I scheduled a bikini wax appointment to try out Smooth Wax Bar (not quite ready to for a French or Brazilian quite yet). I managed to get a same day appointment with Diane. The place is small and private, and I simply loved the vibe as soon as I walked in.

I was seen promptly and everything was very clean. Now, I have a pretty high pain tolerance...but not with waxing. I’m a huge baby who cusses and tries not to knee anyone in the face when I go flailing about on the table. Diane was terrific, as were the products used. Seriously, hands-down the best wax I’ve had to date. So good that I’m writing a review, and that is something I rarely do!

Don’t let the parking discourage you. There are plenty of street spots, or a super cheap parking lot. Give them a try, you will not regret it!
— Heather F.
Smooth Wax Bar is as good as it gets! I’ve had appointments with both Val and Diane and they’re both amazing, so friendly and enjoyable to talk with, and experts at making waxing as painless as possible. 10/10 recommend!
I’m going to preface this by saying I’m an eyebrow freak. Like that’s one of the first things I notice on someone’s face. In other words, I’m absurdly 1) paranoid and 2) picky about who my brow master is. Enter Valerie, who I believe descended from some esthetician heaven to provide all who seek perfect brows with, quite literally, the perfect brows. Every time. It was love at first wax. I have not gone to anyone else since my first time with her, and I never will. I have also recommended her to friends who have went and had this same reaction of overflowing awe, appreciation and love. Bonus: she does such a fabulous job that no matter how fast your brows normally go full Bert the shape will stay for a long time. Pinky swear.

PS - she has fabulous food recs.
— Elena C.
My eyebrows look so damn good right now.

Valerie was awesome and my experience was relatively painless as well as affordable. I will definitely be back.
— Jenny Y.
Valerie is so personable and makes the appt go by at the snap of your fingers. She uses hard and soft wax to insure all diff. types of hair gets removed. Definitely would recommend this place to my best friends and will continue going back.
— Erin L.
I’m still in love with Smooth! I had Diane do my eyebrows today and she’s fabulous! I left with barely any redness (which never happens - I’m really pale, and my skin reacts to everything). She also did an amazing job evening out my brows - I tend to mess with them when I get stressed, and she magically made them look so polished and even! Cannot recommend Smooth enough :)
Great experience! The staff was super friendly and helpful and put me at ease right away. The waiting area and waxing room were comfortable and relaxing.

Diane was amazing. I was nervous as it was my first time getting a bikini wax but she made it easy and enjoyable.

I’ve already made an appointment for the next time. Thanks for making this a great experience!