10 Waxing Questions You’re Too Shy To Ask Your Waxer

Let's face it, there's a stigma around waxing that puts you in sort of a  'sticky' situation should you have questions to ask! Well, no more.  There's no shame in waxing, and no shame in the questions you might have about it, either. Look below to see answers to the most common questions people are often too shy to admit they have...

1. Do I really have to get on all fours to get a Brazilian wax?

“No!” –exclamation mark necessary. At Smooth Wax Bar, clients will lie on their side to take care of the back area. This will save you the humiliation and is definitely more comfortable! Remember, when you have a professional waxer, they’ll take great care of you. If you have specific worries, don’t hesitate to call them and ask! –That’s their job, to make sure you get the BEST experience possible –both before, during, and after your wax.


2. For Brazilian waxes, do they wax…everything!?

Yes! But, that’s the point, right? –To leave your waxing appointment all cleaned up and worriless for your vacation or special occasion. Your waxer is sure to manipulate your body to get every last hair (even the space between your butt cheeks)! You can also request to leave a little up top, but it’s totally up to you.


3. What if I see my waxer out in public!?

Definitely hide behind the nearest object. –We’re totally kidding! There’s no need to feel awkward should you run into your esthetician! You can keep it simple, and say hello or carry on a full-length conversation if you’d like! At Smooth Wax Bar, confidentiality is highly prized. We won’t announce to the public that you get waxed, so do not fret. Initiate what you feel comfortable with, or simply wave. We’ve got your best in mind and would totally be okay with being introduced as “an old friend.”


4. What if I have small moles, pimples, or ingrown hairs down there?

That’s no problem. Just be sure to communicate that to your waxer so that they can be mindful of them. Ingrown hairs can be taken care of with tweezers or ointment. To decrease the amount of ingrown hairs, you could get on a waxing schedule. Ask your waxer what the best plan of action would be for your personal body health. They’ll be excited that you asked, and excited to help keep you on track!


5. Do waxers comment on your, uh, downstairs?

Absolutely. Not. A professional waxer never comments on your private parts and would hardly even think twice about your personal shapes. Their job is to wax, which they love! They entered into their field to help people maintain their hair –wherever that may be on your body. No comments or conversation should be made regarding your privates, whether female or male.


6. Am I supposed to talk or just be quiet?

Waxing is a job just like other jobs. You’re not forbidden to talk during the wax! Actually, most waxers encourage talk, to relax you a little bit more. If you can get out a few laughs, you’ll start to feel better about things. However, if you’re more of the quiet type, please don’t stress! Just be your normal self and keep in mind that your waxer is there for you –whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, whether you’re having a good day or bad.


7. I have hemorrhoids...should I still get a Brazilian wax?

Yes. External hemorrhoids are a lot more common than we think. -Especially in women who’ve given birth! There’s no shame in something you can’t help. So, just be sure to communicate that to your waxer, that way you’re both on the same page and there aren’t any surprises. Your waxer has years of experience and will suggest the best options for you, so don’t worry one bit!


8. Is it weird to get waxed as a guy?

Definitely not. Whether you’re looking for a genital wax or arm waxing, your esthetician won’t think anything about it! It’s just hair that needs removed. –It’s that simple. Thousands of men wax everything from their butt to their chest to their eyebrows. We all have hair, and we all have personal preferences. There’s no discrimination to gender in a professional waxing environment. We promise!


9. What if I accidentally pass gas or start sweating really bad!?

It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened. Sometimes, the body reacts nervously to intimate situations, and that’s not your fault! Of course, it’s embarrassing, we understand that. But, a simple apology and maybe a little break will help you cool off and recover. If you feel like you’re going to pass gas, ask your waxer to give you a minute. -Communication is key. And again, you’ll never be a first in this area. And, you can be certain, that a great professional esthetician will treat you kindly, with the utmost respect and understanding should you have an accidental slip.


10. What if it hurts so bad I can’t complete my wax?

This is seldom the case! Very, VERY few people experience that much pain during a wax. But, should the pain exceed your tolerance, you can ask to stop the process. It’s not the best to have half a wax, but it’s also not fantastic to find the pain too much. –Again, this is hardly ever the case! Only a hand full of people would react or experience this. Usually, it’s those with an extremely low pain tolerance. If you can, you’ll be better off to just complete the wax at your waxer’s discretion.