How To Find A Waxer You're Comfortable With

By Meagan Young

Booking a blind appointment with a local waxer is, often times, too much to leave up to chance! Believe us when we say: informed decision-making goes a long way in this industry. 

Before You Book An Appointment

It’s a great idea to start with a simple search. Visit each salon or spa’s website and see how their overall professionalism is reflected in their online presence.  But before we ask you to do that, please always consider each esthetician’s credentials!  -This is perhaps the single most important variable in the client-esthetician comfortability scale. Having a licensed, experienced esthetician, is the number one requirement! Physically, it is the first way to secure a comfortable trust in your esthetician. You don’t want to pick the cheapest wax services you can find, because you’ll most likely get a ‘cheapened’ version of what you were hoping to receive.

Back to the searching process –be sure to send an email, or make a phone call to a couple places you’re interested in! Ask what they recommend, who they recommend as your personal waxer, etc. If you reach out with questions and are nervous, maybe an email would help you feel better about wording and expressing your personal concerns!

Take the time to explain your concerns, values, and overall goals for a good experience with a waxer. You can tell a lot about a professional business by the way they respond to you! Are they timely in their response? Do they come across as rude instead of caring or apathetic instead of attentive? –While emails don’t allow for a complete first impression, it is a really good idea to start there!

After you’ve emailed, feel free to make a follow-up phone call. Your chosen spa or salon should be enthused to hear from a potential new client! 


During Your Appointment

As with any appointment in life, be sure to show up 10-15 minutes early so you’re not all flustered from being in a rush. Check in, have a seat, and acclimate to your first time at the spa. Oh, and also relax! It’s going to be an awesome experience since you’ve done your homework.

Once your waxer comes to get you and takes you to a private room, don’t be afraid to ask questions! –This is crucial, and is in no way something to be bashful about. If you’re unclear on undressing directions, or what position you’re supposed to be in on the table, then speak up. Estheticians understand why it’s hard to ask questions in such a vulnerable situation! And they totally empathize. Also, they’re very knowledgeable and helpful –it is their forte, after all.

While your service is being done, also speak up. If something is uncomfortable -from the wax temperature to the position you’ve been holding- then say so. If you can manage to communicate clearly to your waxer, then you’re off on the right foot to establishing a comfortable relationship with them!

In any relationship, communication is key. –With your waxer, it’s no different.