Pre-Wax FAQ’s

Why should I come to Smooth Wax Bar?

Waxing is ALL we do!  We pride ourselves on being a waxing only boutique, we are not a one stop shop for self care. We believe that waxing is a service that you don’t want to leave to just anyone, especially someone that does not do this on a regular basis. We are also very friendly and completely non-judgmental. While getting the service, we will engage you in all kinds of fun conversations to keep your mind off the waxing. We love to laugh, share stories, and catch up with you about what is going on in your life.  

How long does my hair need to be?

At least 1/4 inch.  To expand on that, at least 1/4 inch or 3 weeks since the last time you’ve shaved.  We can wax if it hasn’t been 3 weeks BUT that is when the client (you) has to be scrupulous with exfoliating with products.  If you haven’t, in grown hairs will most likely occur after your waxing.  And we want this to be the best experience for you and for you to be happy.

Can I be waxed if it’s “that time of the month?”

We’re happy to do waxing if you would like it at this time.  We are not embarrassed by this at all.  Please keep in mind it might be more sensitive for you during this time.  We suggest that you get plenty of sleep the night before and be sure to eat in the morning.  By taking ibuprofen it will help ease the pain and decrease redness.

How should I prepare for a wax?

Be clean.  Come freshly showered. Be dry.  Cleanliness is appreciated, but please skip the lotion, you’ll get better results if your skin is less oily. Be hairy.  Your hair should be at least 1/4 inches in length (which makes it long enough to lay flat on your skin).  Please don’t shave for at least three weeks prior to your appointment to ensure that your hair is long enough!  Also, if you’ve “let it go” down there and it seems out of control, don’t worry!  Our specialists will trim any longer hairs to the proper length prior to the removal process.

Is it going to hurt?

It’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be! It will hurt more the first time than any other time because you are pulling out 100% of the hair. Your nerves are on edge, and you don’t know what to expect. But it is a quick sting that stops hurting almost immediately after. And it gets easier! The more you do it, the more consistent you are, the more tolerable it becomes. Keep at it!

Is all of the hair going to be gone?

Hair grows in 3 stages and it can take up to 4 waxing treatments before all of the hair is on the same growth cycle, thus all come out together. Your first wax may not remove all the hair, it may last only one week, it may last up to three – it just depends on your own genetics, how recently and often you’ve shaved, and how well you do at preparing the skin before the wax and taking care of the skin between your treatments. Don’t be discouraged if your hair doesn’t stay gone too long the first few times. The more you wax the longer it will last. However, if your last hair removal was shaving, your first wax post shaving will not last as long. Please don’t shave in between waxing appointments!

How long will my wax last?

Your rate of hair growth is unique to you, which can be anywhere from ten days to three weeks. For some lucky folks, it can be longer than that!

How often do I need to wax?

We recommend waxing every four to six weeks. In order to keep the hair coming in at a reduced rate, it’s best not to go past six weeks before your next wax.

Will it always hurt?

If you follow a recommended schedule, by your second waxing treatment you will be much happier and as close to a pain-free wax as possible!