Men’s Waxing FAQ’S


Do a lot of men get waxed? What kind of men do you usually see? 

YES! and ALL types. Waxing is becoming more and more popular these days and we see men in every walk of life. From the college students getting rid of some back hair before heading to the beach to the newlywed getting a full brazilian for his wife. We see athletes such as swimmers, bikers, or wrestlers who find playing sports more comfortable after waxing. We've even had moms bringing in their teenage sons for unibrow maintenance as well as men in their 60's and 70's who want to spice things up with brazilian waxing. 

What are the most popular areas to get waxed?

Our number one men's service would be a full back wax and shoulders, second is unibrow, and third is the male Brazilian also known as Manzilian.

Is it really THAT painful, like 40 year old virgin painful?!

Don't let the famous scene in that movie scare you away. The pain is a quick burning sensation that lasts less than 20 seconds. A smooth finish will make you feel confident and 10 years younger. We are a unisex salon, so there is no reason to feel uncomfortable or nervous. We do this all the time.

How often do I need to come in?

For most body areas, the regrowth is pretty slow. You are usually looking at 4-6 weeks. We want to get all your hair onto a growth cycle that gives best results so its important not to wait too long between appointments. Just make sure that if you are used to keeping it shaven or trimmed down, we need a couple weeks of growth.

What is the most painful area to get waxed?

We would have to say the chest/stomach. Mostly the chest. Unfortunately, it just happens to be very sensitive and usually pretty coarse hair. Take a couple ibuprofen. It won't make it painless, but it sure takes the edge off.