For 24 hours after any waxing or until ALL redness has subsided:

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure

  • Avoid deodorant for underarm waxing

  • Avoid cosmetics and perfumes for facial waxing

  • Avoid chemical peels for one week after your wax

  • Avoid exercise as sweating and oils can clog pores and disrupt the healing process.

  • Take only lukewarm baths and showers as heat can cause more irritation to the already sensitive skin.

  • For any bikini waxing, no heavy petting until the redness subsides. Friction causes irritation and inflammation – and that isn’t sexy.

Between waxes – skincare maintenance and ingrown hairs

It is not enough to simply come in once a month for your wax – it is essential that you take proper at-home care of your skin to keep it looking blemish, redness, and ingrown hair -free. And fabulously fancy. Exfoliation is key!


Because of the essential timing in getting the hair to grow back at the same rate, if you wax too early, the hair will grow back too early. Be patient! If you want your hair gone ALL the time, waxing may not be for you. There will always be a small window where you hair needs to grow out (about a week‘s worth once you’ve been waxing a while) so that the wax has something to pull.


One, this completely defeats the purpose of waxing, and two, you’re allowing your hair the chance to all grow at the same rate. If you allow your hair to get to the same growth rate, all of the hair is able to be waxed, thus all your hair will stay gone longer. AND DO NOT SHAVE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR WAX. Once again, this defeats the purpose of waxing, and if your hair is pulled out too short (if it can come out all all) it will come back in VERY SOON because the hair will break with the wax pull or it won’t come out at all.